Sometimes I'm invited to write (or speak) for other publications/orgs. Here's where that has happened.

Rezone Opponents Lean on False Narrative - A piece I wrote for Crosscut outlining why I believe that a rezone of the University District (with a shout-out to CLT construction) is vital to ensure affordability for low-income families in the U-District. 

How to be Better Neighbors - Joining Week in Review again to continue my disagreement with Joni Balter around homelessness, and talk about other issues with her, Knute Berger, and host Bill Radke. 

Tackling the Big Questions - Joining Week in Review as a panelist opposite John Carlson from KVI and Joni Balter, guest-hosted by Kim Malcolm. Homelessness, corporate responsibility, Western State Hospital and Jay Inslee, Revenue Reform, and #BlameSeager were on the agenda.

Debating Greatness in our City, State, and Country - I got to join KUOW's Week in Review as a panelist opposite Randy "Enforce the Law" Pepple and Joni Balter, guest-hosted by Deborah Wang. Homelessness, Trump, Sanders v. Clinton, and capital punishment were on the agenda.

Opposites react: Two impassioned Seattleites talk about the homelessness crisis - Sara Lerner of KIRO News Radio did an in-depth piece on the two "sides" of the homelessness issue in Seattle.

A Call to Action: LGBTQ Teens Need Shelter, Wraparound Services - The Seattle Times invited me to write an op-ed specifically on LGBTQ youth homelessness and potential solutions, and I think it turned out alright.

CascadiaCast - This is actually me and Scott having a conversation about transportation, urbanism, and affordability.

Cities in Ascension - A piece I wrote for PubliCola about cities being "where it's at" in terms of innovation in policy.

Community Oversight Won't Suffer at All If We Vote For a Seattle Park District - The final op-ed I wrote, this time for SLOG, for the Parks Prop. 1 campaign.

Vote "For" The Seattle Metropolitan Parks District - The Urbanist endorsed Parks Prop. 1, and let me write up why it's a good move! One of three op-eds for the campaign I got to write.

How Park District Opponents Channel Tim Eyman - In the heat of the Parks Prop. 1 campaign, I was asked to write three op-eds. This is the one I did for PubliCola.