Our homies over at Seattlish tweeted about creating a Compassionate Biz Rolodex. Our guess is it had something to do with this.

We did our best to monitor the tweet responses, and add those businesses here! We're always ready to update and add some great small biz that is also great to those most in need.

701 Coffeee - In the Central District, LGBTQ owned small biz on the corner of 23rd and Cherry. Drink coffee and get a snack here Monday through Saturday!

Dutch Bike Co. - In Ballard on 17th and Leary, get your wheels cared for at the Dutch!

Green Bean Coffeehouse - Greenwood is more than just the Barnoff, after all! Stay awake with a cup o' hot brown liquid from Green Bean!

Firecracker Design - Want your garden to be as sexy as you are? Or as I was when I was Mr. October? Firecracker is where it's at to make it happen!

Modern Barber - Sometimes you need a haircut. Sometimes you need a neck shave. Sometimes you need both to attract the fellas. Erika will hook you up (and then hook up folks without shelter - because good hair is for everyone!)

Couth Buzzard Books Espresso Buono Cafe - I have no idea what any of that means. But Greenwood appears to be the place for coffee, books, and not being a jerk!

The North Star Diner - Hungry? Thirsty? Karaoke? Yes, yes, and HELL YES! at the North Star in Greenwood! (and need a place to stay warm for a few hours? One rule: don't be a jerk.)

Rachel's Ginger Beer - True fact - I've been slightly tipsy from the Moscow Mules here. Also true fact - RGB works to support youth shelters. #Awesome.

Tall Grass Bakery - If you're in Ballard and need some pumpernickel (seriously - you need pumpernickel), Tall Grass has got the goods for you - and also shares the goods with their neighbors!

Patty Pan Cooperative - Tamales are one of the most amazing things ever. Get yours at Patty Pan's, and support a small biz that's helping low- and no-income folks stay fed!

Maria Turner-Carney Therapy - Sometimes you need to talk it out, and get back on track. Life isn't always easy - and Maria Turner-Carney, LICSW, will help you when she's not helping her community!

Bunneh Baking - Need some sweet sweets for your next celebration of how awesome you are? (Seriously - you are the best at being you!) Check out Bunneh and treat yo' self, while Bunneh continues to work to treat those in need!

Mr. Gyros - Greenwood - Spinning meet stick that makes a great lunch? Check. Biz owners who provide meals to families with no means to keep the kids fed? Double check.

Chaco Canyon Cafe - Sometimes you need to grab a bite to eat and a great cup of coffee, and at Chaco you can do that, and chip in to the Giving Wheel for those less fortunate! PLUS, Chaco U-District allows everyone to use their restrooms, welcoming all community members!

Ballard Coffee Works - BCW welcomed Tent City 3 with coffee and warm drinks on cold days, and open arms for the community. Their lattes will keep your eyes open and taste fantastic at the same time! (the latte, not your eyes)

Java Bean Ballard - JBB responds to poverty with a helping hand - supporting teen feed drives, and all! I'm a soy latte guy, maybe you're a cappuccino gal, but we all can get our fill at Java Bean Ballard!