Sometimes I Write Words

Today will be day one. I've had this domain for a couple years now, and planned on letting it go this year. But then I forgot to, paid the annual fee, and have decided to say "fuck it, I'll keep it!"

To the extent this is considered a "blog," I expect it to be one of the stupidest ones available. I can't promise regular updates, and I can't promise completely coherent thoughts at all times. What I can promise: I'll focus on things that matter to me. Parks, homelessness, LGBTQ issues, punk rock, guitars, my daughter, my job, subrogation, and I suppose I'll touch on politics.

I'll probably link back to people who I respect - notably Seattlish, SLOG, SeattlePI, The C is for Crank, and some stuff from Dan Beekamn, Natalie Brand, Casey Jaywork, and Jon Humbert. I enjoy dogging on local media, but we actually have some badass local journalists.

Regarding Comments: I don't anticipate there being many, but I choose to leave comments on. However, I also have no problem deleting comments that are asinine, insulting, and not constructive to a conversation.

So check back on occasion! Follow me on Twitter, or my Facebook page! I also do public engagements, and normally I highly recommend attending if you want more information on not only an issue, but how you can be effective at advocating for said issue.

Also - whenever anyone is fighting about Clinton v. Sanders, remember:

Treating an Emergency Like an Emergency