#BallotGuide Part 3 - Legislature and Everything Else

#BallotGuide Part 3 - Legislature and Everything Else

Hashtag is comprised of more than just the two writers you know and...well, "love" isn't the right word. There are actually five people regularly involved in some aspect or another on facts and research and the like. For our Ballot Guide, everyone chipped in on the writing. These are not personal endorsements of any individual, but are the recommendations of the majority of the #Fam. We purposely did not review any uncontested races. Enjoy!

State Senate, 31st Legislative District

Sen. Phil Fortunado seems like a fun dude. He participates in Karaoke, and plays grillmaster at barbeques. I’m into that. However, his brief tenure in Olympia does not convince me he’s a good legislator. Michelle Rylands is a perfect fit for the 31st. While I disagree with her on plenty of issues, and can’t see myself supporting her if she running in the 43rd, she brings the on-the-ground knowledge her constituents deserve, and a lifetime of public service that informs me she will make decisions in the best interests of her community and the region as a whole. So, if you’re in the 31st – Vote Rylands.

State Senate, 45th Legislative District

The GOP is playing this as if Seattle Democrats are in love with Manka Dhingra because we’re going to get everything we want. Like Michelle Rylands, I couldn’t see myself voting for Dhingra were she running in my home district. She’s got this moderate streak on fiscal policy that I just can’t get behind in Seattle. The reason why Seattle Democrats like her over her opponent: because we’re sick of near-shutdowns of government, and we want a negotiating partner in the Senate that will bargain in good faith. Donald Trump supporter Jinyoung Englund is a horrible fit for the district, but also would continue the same partisan foot-dragging we have come to expect from the Republicans in Olympia, and that is hurting kids and working folks across the state. Will I get my income tax with Dhingra? Nope. But will my kid be more likely to get fully-funded education (without raising taxes on moderate and low-income families?) It’s a helluva lot more likely with Dhingra than Englund. If you’re in the 45th, Vote Dhingra.

Of course, in LD 48 - Vandanna Slatter for State House, Pos. 1, and Patty Kuderer for State Senate are the obvious choices. 

Cities Outside of Seattle

Maddux previously touched on a lot of these races when he wrote about the white nationalists trying to take over the Burien City Council. We admittedly have limited resources (ie: time) to lay out the “why” for all of the following, but it comes down to this: are these folks who look at governing and service as a commitment to their community, or to an ideology? Are these candidates committed to standing up for working families and marginalized communities in the face of powerful interests? Will these candidates, if elected, work with the region when they approach regional issues such as affordability, homelessness, addiction, and transportation? If they have demonstrated a commitment to community, a commitment to working families, and a commitment to working with the region – not treating their municipalities as if they are islands without neighbors – then they are getting a nod here. Because of how our county varies in ideology, none of these candidates can be expected to be as liberal as we would expect for someone running in Seattle – but they’re still worth your support.

City of Auburn – Nancy Backus for Mayor, Larry Brown for Council, Pos. 6

City of Bellevue – Karol Brown, Council Pos. 4; Janice Zahn, Council, Pos. 5; Lynne Robinson, Council Pos. 6

City of Bothell – Aaron Moreau-Cook, Council Pos. 7

City of Burien – Pedro Olguin, Council, Pos. 1; Jimmy Matta, Council Pos. 3; Nancy Tosta, Council Pos. 5; Krystal Marx, Council Pos. 7

City of Des Moines – Chad Harper, Council, Pos. 7

City of Federal Way – Jim Ferrell, Mayor; Jesse Johnson, Council Pos. 2

City of Kenmore – Nigel Herbig, Council, Pos. 4

City of Kent – Satwinder Kaur, Council, Pos. 2; Brenda Fincher, Council, Pos. 6

City of Sammamish – Jason Ritchie, Council, Pos. 1; Rituja Indapure, Counsil Pos. 5

City of Shoreline – Jin-Ah Kim, Council, Pos. 1

City of Tukwila – Zak Idan, Counsil, Pos. 5; De’Sean Quinn, Council, Pos. 7

And while we want to stay in King County, we believe that a shoutout to Michael Althauser is in order. He’s running for Tumwater City Council. If you live there – vote for him. You’ll be very glad you did.

Men: Be Better.

Men: Be Better.

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