My name is Michael Maddux. I've been involved in my community in some way or another for awhile. This one time, in 2014, I thought it would be a good idea to run for Seattle City Council in 2015, and did it. While I didn't win in the general, our campaign spent less per vote than pretty much anyone else's, and we beat out a twelve-year incumbent (despite being outspent 4-1) in the primary.

Before that, I served in various other capacities, including:

  • Parks Legacy Committee
  • Parks Levy Oversight Committee
  • King County Democrats' Executive Board & Endorsements Committee Chair
  • 43rd District Democrats' Executive Board
  • UFCW 1001 (now 21) Bargaining Committee w/ Group Health
  • OPEIU 8 Reorganization delegate
  • Snohomish County Labor Council deleage (UFCW 1001)

I have since had terms doing more awesome stuff for the community, including:

  • King County Young Democrats' Chair
  • Yes For Homes Campaign Manager
  • Steering Committee for Lisa Wellman for State Senate (LD-41)
  • 2nd Vice Chair of the King County Democrats
  • Tenants Union of Washington Board Member

I participate in One Night Counts, and do occasional presentations on medical records review for paralegals and attorneys. Mixed in there is an almost unhealthy obsession with insurance subrogation law. Professionally, I do litigation paralegal work at a civil litigation firm, with a focus on motions practice, subrogation, insurance coverage, Insurance Fair Conduct Act violations, and trial support.

I can occasionally be found presenting as part of panels designed to educate folks about our community members experiencing homelessness, services available, the need, and how we can all be better neighbors. The goal of these panels: remind folks that people living in tents and cars are our neighbors, and to elevate the conversation away from the dehumanization we are seeing in Seattle.

I live in the Eastlake neighborhood of Seattle with my son, Logan. I'm also into playing guitar, particularly the punk rock music. Follow me on the Twitter or the Facebook for more regular updates.

Hate mail can be sent to

Interested in having me yammer live? Awesome! Just let me know. If it is a panel situation, I will not participate in #AllMalePanels. Looking for someone to present to your group, and don't know where to start? Let me know! I know a lot of awesome folks who cover a lot of awesome topics!